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Zij werk(t)en met mij en vertellen:

They work(ed) with me and say:

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I first got in touch with Hans in order to boost the sales of insurance services in one of my partners retail stores network. Hans coached sales people and managed to change their attitude and selling method. Results surpassed expectations by a fat margin, and we have repeated this training (for the third year running) with excellent results so far. I highly recommend Hans' approach towards motivating people and getting the best of each and every person he undertakes to train & motivate. (Crédit Agricole)

Hans is one of the most professional and devoted person I've had the chance to meet in my career. Always listening and wisely advising his colleagues, he never gives up and puts a lot of energy in bringing out the best in people. I will never thank him enough for the things I learned while working for him. (HP)


It is a gift when you can give your presentation after Hans because every time he hands over an audience that is not only awake but even smiling and enthousiastic. It's always a pleasure to work with a real professional. (Stabiplan)

Working with Hans is great fun too, as he infuses everything with a positive and optimistic attitude.

I have known Hans for several years. Hans is one of the best speakers I have ever met, characterized by his peculiar way of pedagogic methodology of make the most complicated aspects a breeze.
As person, Hans is always willing to help and very open minded. It’s a pleasure to recommend his work. (Telindus)


Hans his tagline is Supplier of Optimism. We have met during several coaching sessions and Hans his knowledge combined with his deep enthousiasm makes him the ideal coach to challenge people and their mindsets.His fresh concepts makes you to see the world from a different perspective. Highly recommended for organisations who are looking to transform the mindsets of their sellers and do things differently... (Sentia)

If Hans himself didn't exist, someone would have invent "him". Till the day now I clearly remember his trainings, and immense amount of advices. He did not only give trainings about works, skills, sales or clients. It was more like a general package of attitude towards life, optimism and obviously work. Probably the first trainer who I met, who had the magic to keep us engaged through endless interactive practices. (Microsoft Inside Sales Team Warsaw, Poland)

Vandaag één van Hans zijn trainingen gevolgd bij KPN, 1 woord, verbazingwekkend!

(KPN Netherlands)


Hans is een inspirator en ondernemer van de nieuwe tijd. Zijn aanpak, visie en intuïtie zijn vernieuwend en universeel inzetbaar in de tijdsgeest. Succesvol ondernemen vandaag, daar heeft hij de juiste mix en houding begrepen. Zijn pragmatisme leidt onmiddellijk tot resulaten… Een lichtpunt en referentie in de juiste houding, visie en aanpak voor een graad van performantie. Let op optimisme is overdraagbaar… (Beveka)

Op een event voor Toppower in Gent had ik de kans om Hans aan het werk te zien terwijl hij klanten toesprak over het Microsoft Licensing Program waaraan zij zouden worden onderworpen. De flair, de humor, de kennis die Hans aanwendde om deze klanten deze toen toch nog moeilijke boodschap over te brengen werkte zeer verlichtend op de kwestie. Nu vele jaren later lees ik met veel plezier af en toe een blog of een treffende opmerking. Hans is begeesterend en inspirerend, ode wie ode toekomt :-) ondertekend: een volger
(Telco professional)

We are very happy to collaborate Hans, who is extremely professional, reliable and creative partner.

Hans' presentations are always full of interesting ideas, and his training sessions are not only informative, but also a great fun! Even those who don't speak good English find these sessions very useful and get extremely inspired after his trainings. (Microsoft CEE)

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