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For teams & organisations

Imagine you are a boat. The captain on your ship is your consciousness, the boat is your body and the pirate crew working on board represents your unconsciousness.

All boats in your fleet should preferably navigate towards the same shiny goal. For that to succeed, captains should be aligned; they have to be able rely on their crew and know which pirates are the best to activate in different situations; captains should understand what happens on other ships in the fleet and tune the journey when relevant.

My sessions cover all relevant subjects for your fleet, their captains and crew, to become the star fleet in your market segment. Read all about the journey.

You can choose the entire navigation program of 9 sessions or focus on specific skills including:

  • Communicating with impact (1 day)

  • Presenting for action (1 day)

  • Non-violent communication (1 day)

  • Setting the shiny goal and navigate towards it (1 day)


In their feedback participants share their appreciation for the many insights, methods and techniques based on Neuro linguistic Programming, Cognitive Science combined with a particular 'Hans' style of delivering.

Individual coaching

Professionals and private persons enjoy tailor-made guidance, coaching and mentoring often combined with hypnosis. They find me for a wide variety of purposes including:

  • optimizing the way they communicatie

  • overcoming limiting beliefs and behavior (smoking, realize dreams, family issues, ...)

  • dealing with problem situations (bullying, fear, ...)

  • getting on in their lives

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