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Unique BLACK December offering

Hi there

Happy you found your way to our unique BLACK DECEMBER offering!

Additional sales support:

The stress to close some pending deals will rise!

The pressure to turn promisses and intents into orders and payments will reach unprecedented heights!

Your teams can use every single bit of inspiration and support!

Customer suprise:

Maybe YOU do not need any support, but one of your top customers does. Why not offer 1/2 day of motivation, happiness, inspiration and empowerment?

Management inspiration:

You are planning 2019 and some external feedback can be useful. Why not have a professional coach at your side who proposes powerful methods to make wonderful progress and provides you with interesting feedback?

I gladly offer the remaining 8 x 1/2 day at the exceptional rate of 850€+VAT so you can spend your remaining budget wisely to support you or your team or customers and inspire and empower them!

Do not wait to book. The number of available days is shrinking by the day!

CU soon!


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