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5+1 useful tips for your next transformation project...

"I made this great deck and a comprehensive opener I consistently use before starting meetings on the subject. The message is transparent, the advantages are clear, and I simplified the process as much as I could. Yet, ... I notice I don't get the desired buy-in...I see staff members asking themselves why all this is necessary. I feel them thinking it is yet another top-down change initiative that will force them into even more admin work without tangible wins for them. What on earth am I doing wrong?!?"

Magnus stated the above quote in a recent meeting I had with him. Magnus is in charge of a major transformation project in a multinational company with Belgian roots. The transformation comes with new processes, new software and new hardware. Magnus shows me the beautiful materials he put together to inform and enthuse staff members. I immediately see several pitfalls. I look so forward to inspiring Magnus and guide his message to the desired outcome.

I also look forward to sharing 5+1 tips with you below:

  1. Position your transformation explicitly as a GENERATIVE transformation (=to create). If you fail to do this, people will intuitively consider the change a remediative (= to correct), which does not create a positive emotion.

  2. Use metaphors. In order to get action, you need rational elements, emotional elements and a well considered timeline. Most change managers forget the emo. Result: everybody shows the intention to do something, but nobody does. Metaphors are a great tool to trigger emo.

  3. Give your project an identity. When a child is born, it gets a name. Do the same with your project. Choose a name that reflects an identity people can be proud of.

  4. Bring processes that will disappear down to the level of "doing" and position new, empowering process on the level of "being".

  5. Be explicit on how the transformation will positively impact the status of tha co worker. Status is not about wealth or power. It is about the story people will be able to share, it is about how they will be perceived.

  6. Bonus tip: Transformation is a serious matter. However, never underestimate the power of humor

Do you want to feel even more intensely how to maximize buy-in in times of transformation? Ping me.

about the author

Hans Demeyer a passionate coach, mentor and facilitator of processes. He guides individuals, teams and organisations through a desired change towards the desired outcome. He uses methods and models from NLP, CBT and (conversational) hypnosis combined with over 30 year of experience as entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author and coach

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