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Keynotes (2019)

I love to be the stand-up optimist inspiring your customers, partners or staff members in a motivating and entertraining way.

For your upcoming events, choose one of the keynotes below, or ask for a personalized one on the theme you'd like to share!

(delivery in English, French, Dutch and/or Spanish)

Shiny goals

How to create a shiny goal, make sure all ships in your fleet understand the destination and are motivated to navigate towards it? How to prevent ships from slowing down or floating off-course? 

How your brain plays tricks on you (and you let yourself fool)

Entertaining interactive 'show' where the audience sees, feels and experiences how their brain fools them continuously and what they can learn from this.

Dealing with change

A revealing session filled with plenty of AHA moments and very few AH BON moments on change: what is change, why do we experience it as difficult to cope with and what are the best practices to overcome change in a smooth way

Are you a genuine pirate?

In one of my books "brain pirates for kids" I introduced the idea of ships, captains and pirates as metaphor for the body, the consciousness and the unconsciousness. My audience embraces the metaphor to the extent that integrated it in a series of workshops and an inspiring keynote 

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