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Discover and use the hidden potential inside

Services below are ad hoc on demand or subscription based as of 490€/month

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  • yourself

  • your team

  • your comapny

  • your story 



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No nonsense - direct measurable results

What customers say about me

Individual change:

I am a Certified Master in Neuro-linguistic Programming and the ideal facilitator for your personal & professional change!

  • "Since my session with you, things have taken a tremendously positive turn"

  • "My daughter has completely changed after her session with you. I still can't believe it. Thank you"

  • "Why has nobody ever shared all this with me?!"

  • I spend hours with therapists and then I talk one hour with you and I feel change!"

Here you save hours on therapy and digging in the past. We focus on your future.

An innovative and highly effective cocktail of NLP, CBT, conversational hypnosis  and Storytelling generates immediate impact. 

Let me know your desired state with the form below and let's discover together how to get there!

Organizations and teams

Enjoy and exploit a rare combination of skills and experience as entrepreneur, combined with over 40.000 hours of experience as internationally certified and recognized Master in NLP.

I share my hacks and insights in podcasts, books, keynotes and other publications.

But most of all, I enjoy sharing them in the field with you. Hire me to

  • provide operational support with tangible deliverables in marketing, sales or  leadership, 

  • to inspire you on storytelling, shiny goals or go-to-market.

  • guide and inspire your HR toward the desired state.

Discover what customers share and share with me what you are feeling at this very moment!

Bedrijven en organisaties

Profiteer van een unieke combinatie van mijn vaardigheden en ervaring als ondernemer en internationaal gecertificeerd Master NLP coach met + 40,000 uren ervaring.

Ik deel mijn ervaring en inzichten graag in boeken, keynotes en publicaties en nog liever live en concreet met ondernemers, managers en teams, ... en met jou!

  • Ik geef operationele ondersteuning (met concrete deliverables) in marketing, sales en leadership. 

  • Ik bouw mee aan je verhalen, je pitches, je shiny goals en go-to-market.

  • Ik loods je HR doorheen verandering.

Lees hier wat klanten vertellen en laat hieronder weten waarvoor jij me wil inzetten:

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  • Jezelf

  • Je team

  • Je bedrijf

  • Je verhaal 

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Thanks! Talk with you soon!

Thanks! Talk with you soon!

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